Once you are logged into the platform, do the following: 

  1. Click courses on the side bar. 

  2. Click create a new course

3.   Fill out your course details. This page provides information for your "Course Advertising and Sales Information" page, including an image for the course cards (see example image below with red arrow) on the student dashboard, a banner image for your sign up page, summarised course information, as well as a certificate for student completion. 

4. Save and create checksheet. 

4a. To see what your marketing page would look like once you hit the "SAVE AND CREATE CHECKSHEET" button, hit the "Courses" button in the Dashboard located on the left side bar and then hit the "Signup Page" button. You will then see what a prospective student would see when enrolling on your course.

4b. If you want to make any changes to your "Course Advertising and Sales Information" page then hit the "pen" button and make the changes. When you make any changes you must hit the SAVE CHANGES button located at the bottom of the page.

4c. A quick navigation bar is also located in the top right hand of the main page.

5. You are now ready to create your course content. Do this by clicking Checksheets.

Note: If you had exited your course or the platform before continuing with this step, simply re-enter by hitting Courses, located in the left side bar Dashboard and then continue per below steps.

Note: If you click on "All" in the blue bar above, you will have other options

to chose from as seen below. Selecting any option will show the status of any checksheet. This is also helpful if you create more than one checksheet. You can also enter the course name you are looking for to find a specific course checksheet.

6. To create the steps of your course checksheet Click edit. 

 7. Courses are built with Sections and each Section is built with Steps. Create each section by hitting the ADD A NEW SECTION button.

8. Fill out the section name.
9. Click create new section & start editing. You can now enter your course content as covered below in Step 10. Or, if you prefer, you could repeat this step to make all of your sections of your checksheet first. 

10. Click add a new step. This will give you 4 options: 

  • Learn: These steps are all about teaching the student something. You can write a document, have them download a file, watch a video, read a PDF or even link to an external website. None of these steps ask the student a question. When you create a new Learn step the system then creates a Library item for that step type that you can use in multiple courses. More on this here: How do I add Theory Steps to a Course

Or, if you prefer to create/upload all of your reference items directly into the library first and then create your checksheet at a later time, you can do so by following the instructions in this article Getting Started - Step 2 - How to Make a Library

  • Apply: These steps are designed to test the student's understanding and ability to apply the material you have taught. The steps are either marked instantly by the system (such as multiple choice, sequence and categorise steps) or are sent to you or one of your course instructors for marking. More on this here: How do I add Apply Steps to a Course

  • Review: These steps are designed to allow the student to take notes and self rate themselves as well as being able to see what their answers are for various parts of the course. These steps are not marked or shown to you or the Course Instructor. More on this here: How do I add Review Steps to a Course

11. Add new steps by clicking add a new step each time. (The green + icon and the +add a new step do the same function). 

12. When done with a section, click add a new section. You can add as many sections and steps as you like. 

13. Once complete, click publish checksheet

Note: If you publish your checksheet and then decide you want to make another change, you can do so by clicking revert to draft, editing your changes, and publishing the checksheet again. You can do this if you have not yet enrolled any students. 

14. You are now ready to enroll students to your course. See article: Enroll Students to your Course

15. If you have published your checksheet and enrolled students and you want to make updates or changes to your checksheet, you must (A) make a new copy of your checksheet, (B) make your edits, then (C) publish the checksheet again. Existing students will remain on the checksheet they were already on. New students will be enrolled onto the new checksheet. 

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