A step is one item on a checksheet. 

There are 4 different types of steps:

  1. Learn

  2. Apply

  3. Review

  4. Control

This article explains how to use "Control". 

  1. From within your checksheet, click "add new step". Four boxes will drop down: "Learn", "Apply", "Review" and "Control". 

2. Click "Control". These steps allow you to control the flow of the student through a course. 

  • Note to Student: This is simply a note to the student. It could be on how to study, the purpose of the course, what the student should expect if they need help or any other one off bit of information you need to create. Unlike references, instruction steps do not create a Library Item.

  • Name the Enrollment: This allows the student to name the course they are doing. This is useful if you allow the student to do the course multiple times on different subjects for example. Perhaps you are teaching a subject like project management and each time the student does the course, they name it with the project name they are doing the course with. This name shows up as the course name on the student dashboard.

  • Checkpoint: A checkpoint allows you to restrict the progress of the student until it is marked as approved. This is useful if you need to make sure the student has successfully completed a prior section or subject before you let them continue with the course. Once a student reaches a checkpoint, they click "request to continue" and then a notification is sent to you or your Course Instructor to allow them to continue.

3. Click the step you want to create and fill out the required information.
4. Click "create step" at the bottom to save. 

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