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Display and filter option settings
Display and filter option settings
Written by Glenn Morrow
Updated over a week ago

Some menus now have additional display and filter options. Here is a quick explanation of their use.


Tick and untick the "show" options to reveal more columns of information. You can select and un-select as many as you wish in any combination. This does not affect the number of records you see, just how cluttered the screen is with information for each record.


Filtering shows or hides whole rows (records) of information. Currently the filter options are for "Activated" and "Un-Activated" students. See Managing student online enrollments for full details on their usage.


You can save you preferred settings! When you make a setting change the "Save" button becomes active, then if you click it the selection you currently have becomes your saved setting. Next time you come back to this page, your setting will be used.

You can change settings as much as you like and NOT save them. When you come back to the page whatever you did will be forgotten. But if you have a selection of options that you most commonly want to see, select them and click "Save" to retain that.

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