Enlight Plans - the Free Plan

Enlight offers a plan so you can design and test your courses without cost for as long as you need until you are ready to hit the big time!

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What is the Free Plan?


  • The Free Plan is the plan that all new accounts start on.

  • The Free Plan is (surprise!) free*. You can remain on the free plan for as long as you need to get your courses ready for publication and student enrollment.

  • You do not* need to provide your payment card details until you are ready for course publication.


There are only three conditions:

  • You are only allowed two (2) active students. This allows you to test all your student functions and test the student experience fully so you are confident when you go live that all is working as expected.

  • *If you wish to use uploaded videos hosted by us on our service then there is a hosting fee for those.

    • *If you wish to use this option then you will be required to provide payment card details in order to do so. Your card will be charged monthly based on the number of videos you have uploaded. You will only be charged for the video fees and no monthly plan fee until you upgrade to a full plan.

    • It is totally optional to use these and you can host your videos on YouTube or some other service of your own and link to them from your Enlight content pages if you prefer.

    • Enlight hosted videos have advantages such as not YouTube advertising, no previews and links and auto-plays taking your student off to other non-course videos, security (you have the option to make the videos only accessible to Enlight students at all).

  • If you get to "Professional developer" level on this Free Plan, then you must upgrade to a paid plan.

    • "Professional developer" means you have total course steps in excess of one thousand five hundred (1500) steps**.

    • This is a lot of steps and in most cases you are going to be ready to deliver you course(s) (and so go on a paid plan) way before that anyway.

    • **We reserve the right to adjust this quota at any time at our discretion. We intend this Free Plan to allow new users to have a very fair onramp to Enlight, to get their feet wet, and to get them ready to deliver their first courses; we are also very happy to give professional developers a chance to really try out Enlight and all its features. But if you get to 1,500 steps then you are obviously serious about using Enlight and so the Free Plan purpose is really no longer applicable to you.

We believe this plan is quite unique and a great offer that allows you to fully test and prepare your courses ready for delivery without stress - and then press the "go" button to start your course delivery. After all that is what Enlight is all about - getting your courses and knowledge and skills and ability to your students.

Changing from Free Plan to paid plan (and vice versa):

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