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Course certificates - all you want to know
Course certificates - all you want to know

You have the option to provide certificates on course completion (and even charge a payment for them if you wish).

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Basic certificates setup:

To enable certificates for a course:

  • Go to and edit the course. and scroll down to the "Certificate's" section

  • In the first step there tick the box to turn on certificates for this course/ untick to turn off certificates for this course.

To set certificate theme and set certificate heading text:

  • Go to and edit the course. and scroll down to the "Certificate's" section

  • In the second section enter the cert title, organisation name (if different than your main Enlight organisation name), and additional text for the certificate (if desired).

To set certificate signatures:

Certificate signatures are an organisation-wide setting, To add a signature to your certificates, go to "Organisation > Course Settings" and upload a signature image (and name/position) there. It will then appear on your certificates as shown in the theme samples.

To customise your certificate layout:

  • You can choose from one of the four default themes.

    Note: You must choose a theme or no certificates will be sent! So make sure you select one of them.

Viewing and sending certificates:

A link to the students certificate is automatically emailed to the student on course completion if:

  • "Send a certificate on completion of their course?" is ticked in these settings (above)

  • Or, the "Purchase Checksheet" step is enabled in the "Final" section of the course checksheet (see below)

If you wish to view or resend the students certification:

  • Go to "ACTIVITY > Enrollments"

  • Select "Completed" as the course status type

  • Find the student's enrollment for the applicable course

  • Then ...

To view a student's certificate:

  • Find the student's enrollment for the applicable course and click "Certificate PDF"

To re-send a students certificate:

  • Find the student's enrollment for the applicable course and click "Send Certificate Again"

  • Confirm that you wish to email the student their certificate link.

  • They should very shorty get an email with link to their course certificate.

Other information:

Having student pay for their certificate (on free courses):

You have the option of prompting a student to pay for an otherwise free course. It is an optional step - if the student does pay for it then they will receive the course completion certificate. You set the price for this, or you can set a minimum price and have the student optionally pay more (what they believe it was worth).

  • To set this up edit the course checksheet, go to the "Final" section and select "Purchase Certificate" and fill in the corm questions for this.

What are those strange long numbers on the certificates?

The number printed on the bottom (or elsewhere) of each certificate is a "UUID" - a Universally Unique IDentifier. A UUID is used for information in computer systems and are practically unique (the way UUIDs are generated the probability that a UUID will be the same as another UUID anywhere in the world .... is basically zero!). So it is on the certificate for validation purposes - if anyone queries the certificate or thinks someone may have a forged/faked certificate they can ask you to verify the UUID number. That's why it is printed on all certificates.

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