Setting references:

When setting up an "Apply" step question you can choose which steps show the "reference material" for this question.

Simply click in "Select a step" and choose from the available steps.

Setting the references position:

You can have the references list shown above or below the question body. You can either let your organisation-wide default apply - or you can override it to force the position for this question. Most commonly you'll just want to leave it at "default", but to force the setting just click on the dropdown and select your choice. To revert to the organisation-wide setting select "(default)".

Changing the organisation-wide default setting:

By default the organisation-wide setting is to show references at the bottom of the page (this used to be at the top but has been changed now to at the bottom). To change this default setting:

  • Go to "ACCOUNT:" > "+Organisation" > "Course Settings"

  • Set the "Default references position" as required

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select "Save"

As soon as this setting is saved all question steps with references will show them in the selected position (unless they have an override set as per the above).

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