We have made some changes to the courses categories and grouping options to make organising and managing your courses easier. Now you can group by "category" and filter by "category" and/or "group".

What are categories and groups?

You can set one or more categories per course to allow you and your students to more easily navigate your course selection - especially as you grow larger and have many courses. Each category can also be given a group, allowing you to group several categories together of a like type.

How to set categories and groups

  • To set categories and groups go to "LIBRARY" > "Categories", and click "Create new category" (or click the "Edit" link next to any existing category to edit it).

  • Give the category a name (it must be a unique name).

  • Optionally you can also give it a group, or leave that blank. If you enter the same group for more than one category then you can filter and select by group to list all your grouped categories (and related courses) together.

  • Optionally at the time you can also select courses and/or library items to add to this category - you can come back at any time to edit these and can also directly edit any course and add categories for that course there.

    • Note: You can select the same course for many categories - if you wish (for example your courses may cover many areas and different people may search for them under different headings etc., so you can categorise them in different ways to accommodate this). But don't worry about that for now, again you can come back and edit these as many times you like later.

    • Additionally: If you do select multiple categories for a course, one of those categories needs to be designated as the "main category". Enlight will do this automatically for you here - but you may wish to go to the course later and change it there if the setting is other than what you want (see below).

  • Click "Create" when done - to save your category.

Viewing categories and groups:

Once saved you will be returned to the categories screen and see all the categories you have created. You can see here both the category name as well as any (optional) group name. You can also see how many course and how many library items are assigned to that category (note as above you can assign a course to several categories, so if the number of courses listed looks high to you - that'll be why). To view which courses are assigned you can click "Edit" again to see them listed there ... or see them in your main "Courses" screen (see below).

Using categories and groups:

Once you have some categories set up you can go to "COURSES" > "Courses" to see the results.

Listing by category:

  • At first you will likely see no difference. However if you tick the checkbox next tot the course status selector you will see some new things. Note you may also want to change the status setting to "All" if you can't see all your expected courses initially.

  • Now you'll see all the courses are listed by their main category.


  • You can filter by category and/or group name - very handy if you have lots of courses! Just enter the part or full name of a category and/or group and press "enter" on your keyboard to activate the search.

Multiple categories per course:

As mentioned above you can indeed have several categories per course if wanted. To do this:

  • Select the course "Edit" link

  • Scroll down to the "Categories" section. You will see all the categories listed and the one(s) selected for this course are marked.

  • To change the selection, add others etc. tick and untick the checkboxes as desired.

  • This is also where you select the main category. If you only have one category then don't worry about this as Enlight will do it for you. But if you have several categories then make your selection here

  • Note if you have only just selected a new category you will find it missing from the list - just scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Save changes" then come back to (edit) this course again, and now you can make the choice, if you need to.

Viewing multiple categories per course:

If you wish to see on the main report the additional categories of each course then just also select the second checkbox on the "Courses" screen. Wallah! All additional categories are now listed (note you cannot sort or filter on these - they are only for your info).


If you have been using our new sorting feature you may spot something that at first appears odd or broken - the sorting numbers are not sorted.

Actually it is working as expected, it is just that these courses are now first sorted by main category. If you don't have any categories or you have grouped all your related courses under the same category you will not notice anything at all, so in the vast majority of cases this will not have any negative impact - once you know what it is.

That's all folks!

We hope you find these enhancements useful and practical.

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