Your main site page:

Your main site is the starting page for potential students to arrive at and view your offerings. Each course has its individual page but the site page is the overall "home" page. On this page it will by default list all your available courses.

This page is exactly where potential students go and exactly what they see.

To view this page go to "CONTENT" > "Site Pages" > "Home" > "Visit":

Available courses:

Scroll down this main site page to the "Courses Available" section to see your list.

Selecting which courses to list:

If you do not see a "Courses Available" section at all, then it is likely you have no courses set to view on home page. If you only see some courses, then it is likely only those courses are set to view on the home page - or you have a "maximum courses listing" setting.

Set courses to view on home page:

To set courses to be visible on you main site page, go to "COURSES" > Courses" on your main menu, find the course listed and select "Edit" ...

... then set/unset "Can students see this course on the home page or under related courses?" as desired).

Limit courses viewable from main page:

By default now unlimited course numbers can be listed on the main site page. However in the past this was limited and for courses created before mid-February 2023 you may have "locked in" this limitation - in which case you may wish to manually remove it now.

Or if you now wish to add such a limitation to your site page you can.

In either case, go to "CONTENT", "Snippets" and select the "Home-Course-List-1 Snippet" (if this is the snippet you are using for this - that is the default snippet for such, but for advanced information on snippet usage and editing see other documentation in this series or ask us for help).

If missing but wanted, then add in a message on the page as follows. Change the "3" where it occurs to the limitation you want to set and advise about. Or if you want to remove this message then just delete all 5 lines:

  {% if advertised_courses.size > 3 %}
<h5 class="courses_headline">
(<i>This page shows a limit of 3 courses. Please contact us for other courses.</i>)
{% endif %}

Then add or remove the actual limitation setting "limit: x" (where x is the limitation you want) . To remove the limitation instead, just delete the word "limit" and the number after it - do not remove the rest of the line however):

<div class="courses_list">
{% for course in advertised_courses limit: 3 %}
<div class="course_card">

If the "{% for course in advertised_courses limit: 3 %}" was totally missing then you may add in the whole line but ensure you add a "endfor" further down to close the block (in most case that will already be there):

  {% endfor %}

Make sure you click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

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