Dashboard notifications - changes
Dashboard notifications list may have changed. Can't find messages that were there earlier?
Written by Glenn Morrow
Updated over a week ago

Short answer:

We are making some changes. For this "top 5 notifications" list in your Enlight dashboard, the sort order is now "message created date" - which should be more helpful. This is part of a larger improvement to notifications and messaging management - coming soon! ๐Ÿ˜„

Long answer:

Due to developments of a new feature for chat messages and notification messages this dashboard has been reviewed and some issues fixed. Messages here on the Dashboard are now shown by their 'created' date and not, as recently, their 'updated' date. There have been some confusions and issues with this in the past, and more future improvements will be made to this.

Messages here on the Dashboard are (and always were) sorted - more or less* - from oldest to newest. If you don't mark messages as read, then they may stay at the top of this list forever. It was originally designed with the idea that you would regularly clear all your messages here - which you may or may not be doing. Again, future improvements will be coming.

* They are roughly in order of 'oldest first' but the order is not guaranteed. This may also have caused some issues or confusions in the past. Again, something to be improved in future updates. So it may be better to instead use the 'Notifications' or (when available) 'Communications' on the left-hand sidebar menu, for better accuracy. The new 'Communications' option is coming soon and may also address these issues.

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