Enlight allows you to mass sign up students to a course.

  1. Enrollments

  2. Enroll by CSV

3. Download the sample CSV file.

4. Edit the CSV file to add all the names and emails you want to enroll. Make sure the Course ID is entered exactly and that you set the instructor to the correct email of a valid user on your team who will instruct your students.

You can get the Course ID by visiting Courses and finding the ID number under the name of the course.

5. When you're ready to upload the CSV file, click Choose File

6. Choose the CSV file

7. Click Upload and Validate. The system will give you a list of what it plans to enroll. Check this list for correctness, check Details are Correct and click Enroll X students Now button.

It will then automatically enroll the emails selected (it will find the student if they already exist instead of making a new one).

The students will receive an invitation email with a link taking them to their course.

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