Enlight supports translations of your courses into 13 languages. Once you have made your original course in the language of your choice, you can then translate it into other languages.

You don't need to make separate checksheets for different languages, instead you simply translate the course, allowing the student to switch languages from their dashboard, if desired.

Here's how to add a new language to a checksheet:

  1. Go to translations on the side bar.

  2. Choose the language you want to translate to.

Note: to view a larger image, right click on any image below and open in new tab.

3. Your courses will be listed, along with library items and pages. Choose what you want to translate. In this example, I have clicked on "translate course" for the Test Course.

4. You'll see the language translation on the left. The original course text will be on the right. Enter your translations in the boxes provided.

5. Click Update Course to save your translations.

6. Next, translate the sections, steps and library items of the course.

7. Each time you translate an item, the system will cycle you to the next one, until all items are translated for that course.

8. You can see the percentage of translations done.

9. If you are using pages, you can translate those.

10. Once your course is translated, the student has the option to do the course in that language. They can change the language from their profile on their dashboard.

It will look like this:

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