This articles explains how to answer "Apply Steps" from students on their courses that require Instructor marking. 

When a student submits answers to a course that require marking, the assigned Instructor will receive an email alerting them of this. The Instructor can click Visit your Dashboard or log into enlight. 

Once logged in, do the following: 

  1. Click To be Marked on the sidebar

  2. A list of all students with answers to mark will show. If you have been assigned to specific students, locate your name in the list of instructors. 

  3. Toggle Any Status, Submitted or Rejected answers. 

  4. You can search for a specific student. 

  5. Click Mark 

You will see the instruction to the student, the correct answer, and the students  submission for your review. 

  6. Review the student's answer and type your reply, or use the pre-loaded the reply.
  7. Click Mark as Correct, or
  8. Send Clarification 

Your answer will be sent to the student. They will be notified of your answers and made to answer any clarifications before being able to continue on their course. This is what the student will see: 

The next lesson to be marked will appear. 

Until there is nothing else to be marked: 

When the student resubmits their answer, it will show back up in To be Marked on the side bar. 

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