There are two ways to display text documents in Enlight.

  1. A document made using the enlight editor

  2. A PDF file 

PDF files are display only files. They cannot be edited in the platform. If you need to change the contents of a PDF file you must amend the original file and re-upload it to Enlight. 

If your text is in Microsoft Word, it is best to cut and paste this into the enlight editor as a new document. You can then edit the file and reformat it as required.  You also have the option to edit or add text in the platform. 

Directly copying and pasting of a word doc file into the Enlight editor may cause formatting issues (due to HTML incompatibilities with Word formatting), so the optimal method is: 

  2. Copy and paste your word doc text into the box
  3. Set the recommended settings
  4. Click convert

  5. Highlight and copy the clean HTML

  6. In enlight, in your new reference document, click Source and paste the clean HTML

  7. Click Source again
  8. Now you can format and/or edit your reference document, add images etc.
  9. Don't forget to click Create Reference when you are done to save. 

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