A popular step to test student understanding in courses is the multiple choice or quiz step. 

You can specify one or multiple correct answers from the list. Each time the multiple choice question is displayed to the student, the items are randomised so that they cannot just answer in a rote manner. 

Once answered, the system automatically marks the question. If the student is correct, they are told so and they can proceed on the course. If they are incorrect the system will give them feedback and then show the question again in a new random order.

Follow these steps to make a multiple choice step: 

  1. Once in your checksheet section, click Add a New Step

  2. Choose Apply

  3. Choose Multiple Choice

  4. Label the step

  5. Write the question you want to ask the student

  6. Check the box if you don't want the list of answers to randomize, ie you want them to always be in a set order. If you do want them to randomise, leave it blank. 

  7. List possible answers, checking the correct answer box(s)

  8. If you want to list more than one correct answer, choose Multiple selection instead of Single Selection (radio buttons), like so: 

  9. Select the step which contains the correct answer to this problem so that students can refer back if needed.
  10. Assign student points value
  11. Skip Text to Prefill the reply instructor sends to student (as this is not applicable for this step)
  12. Update Multiple Choice to save.

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