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How to group courses into categories

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You can group courses into categories or learning paths. 

For example, you may have several courses to train a receptionist, or perhaps a group of courses that fall under the category of finance. These can be grouped together or laid out in a sequence. 

  1. Click Categories

  2. Click Make a New Category

  3. Fill out Category name

  4. Choose the sequence of the category to show on the student dashboard

  5. Check Is Learning Path if you want the courses in this category to be shown in exact order

  6. Fill out a summary for your learning path

  7. Choose the courses to include. (If you have checked Is Learning Path, you can drag and drop the courses into the sequence you want.) 

  8. Upload a display image

  9. Create to save 

Once you have made your categories, this is how it will look on the student's dashboard under Paths (which are your categories) and Courses

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