There is a student chat feature within enlight so student's can talk to their instructors with questions or requests for assistance on their courses. 

Or, as an instructor, you may have a need to chat with a student, perhaps with a question or a nudge to keep them moving on their course. 

This is different to marking student lessons, which is done under To be Marked on the side bar. 

How to use the Student Chat function

  1. Click Student Chats

  2. If a student has sent you a chat, it will be available on your screen. Click Open Chat for that student. If you want to locate a specific student, click Show All Student Chats and then click the one you are searching for. 

  3. Type your message and press Enter

  4. A number will appear above the chat icon on the student's dashboard to alert them of your message.  

5. When they click on it, the message dropdown will appear for them to answer you.

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