If you have an ActiveCampaign.com account and want to use that platform for your customer communications, enlight can be configured to send tracking information to ActiveCampaign whenever a student completes an activity. 

To enable this functionality, do the following: 

Copy your unique URL and key to enlight by doing the following: 

  1. In Activecampaign.com click Settings 

  2. Developer tab   

  3. Copy the URL from the API Access section

  4. In enlight, click Organization on the side bar
  5. Scroll down to Active Campaign details
  6. Paste the URL into Active Campaign API URL 

  7. In Activecampaign.com in the Settings > Developer tab.  Locate the KEY in the API Access section. 

  8. Copy the key to Enlight: Organization > Active Campaign API KEY

9. In your Active Campaign account, enable Event Tracking by clicking the status switch.

10. Click the Event Tracking API link to see your personalised authentication information.  (This information needs to be entered into Enlight.)

  11. Copy the Event Key (its under the status switch)  and paste this into Enlight > Organization > Active Campaign Event Tracking Key

  12. Copy the actid (this is a 9 or 10 digit number) and paste this into Enlight > Organization > Active Campaign Event Tracking 'actid'. 

Note: Its possible that the <span class=“trackId”> might disappear at some point, the important thing is that we only want the numbers. 

  13. Update to save. 

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