If you are on a School Plan or higher, you can customise your student completion certificates. You can customise each certificate for your individual courses. 

Firstly, design your certificate background image. Note: All text is filled out dynamically by the platform. The ideal background image would be A4 size (example: 1920px wide by 1360px tall). This is an example: 

Then, in enlight: 

  1. On the side bar, click courses. 

  2. Choose your course and click edit.

  3. You have a choice of 4 certificate themes: Modern, Contemporary, Traditional or Classic

  4. Choose File to upload your custom certificate background.

  5. Save changes

Once you have saved your changes, you can go back and preview your certificate to ensure it is the way you want it. Click the Preview Certificate button. 

  6.  You can also add a signature and job title to your certificates. Click organization      on the side bar.
  7.  Choose file to upload signature (on a white background).
  8.  Enter text to appear under the signature.
  9.  Click update to save. 

Here is a sample of a final certificate: 

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