There are 2 student feedback options for your courses. 

A. Sectional feedback.  
B. Overall course feedback. 


  1. Click Add a New Step

  2. Click Control

  3. Click Feedback

  4. Fill out the feedback information you want to ask the student

  5. Click Create Feedback to save. 


You'll find this in the Editing Section: Final at the end of your checksheet. 

  1. Click the pencil icon

  2. Enter the title of your Feedback. 

  3. Fill out the What do you want to tell the student when they reach this step, ie to give their feedback. 

  4. Write your questions in the fields provided. 

  5. Select how you want the student to answer. 

  6. Add any additional fields/questions. 

  7. Click update feedback to save. 

Below shows you the different fields selected above that the student will see at this step. 

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