This function allows students to subscribe to a monthly membership. Courses and library items can be marked as free for students with memberships.

1. A new Student Memberships menu is available which instructs the user how to set it up. 

2. Once connected with Stripe, enlight will look for plans setup on their Stripe account and allow the user to activate one as the student membership plan.

3. The user can edit how the plan sign up page looks.

4. This is how it looks to the student by default.

5. If a new student signs up for a membership, they will be sent an invitation email. 

6. You can mark courses as free for members on the "Course Advertising and Sales Information"page.

7. And the same for library items.

8. These will show up on their student dashboard, library, and available courses pages when they have an active membership.

9. Students can change their membership on their profile page.

10. The student's credit card is charged each month. An email will be sent if payment fails. 

11. If the student cancels their membership, or the charge fails, their membership enrolments will expire.

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