1. Click Library

  2. Click Manage Categories.

3. Make a “new category”. 

4. Enter the name of your new category. 

TIP: If you have more than one course in enlight, use the course name as your category. When students are logged into their course, a list of the items used on the course will show under "Resources" on their dashboard for easy reference. 

5. Click Create Library Item Category

To enter several categories, repeat steps 2 and 3. You can come back to this later if you are not ready to add more categories yet.

6. To categorise items that are not categorised, enter the Library.
7. Click Edit

8. Select a category.

9. To assign a reference to several categories (it may appear in several courses) click the categories you want to assign.  

10. Click Update Embedded Video to save:

11. You can choose to see what references you have in the various categories.
12. Or the assignment of categories is listed next to the library item. 

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