You can add new users/team members to the platform. If you're the owner or manager, you'll have access to do this.

  1. Click Users on your side bar.

2. Click Invite a New Team Member.

3. Fill out the New Users details.
4. Click invite.

The basic functions for these roles are: 

  • Web Designer. Access to edit course marketing and landing pages.

  • Translator. Access to the translations menu to translate your content into other languages.

  • Instructor. Helps their assigned students through their courses, has full access to the chat function with students, marks assignments. 

  • Supervisor. The same functions as an instructor, but with access to mark all students, not just those assigned to them.

  • Manager. Can create courses, add team members, instruct students, and all functions in the platform.  

  • Owner. You have access to all functions within the platform. 

5. Your team member will receive an invitation email to the platform where they can set their password and log in. 

To Remove a Team Member

  1. Click Users on the side bar.

  2. Find the user and click Disable. This will remove their access.

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